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12:37am 12-02-2016
Max (Maxime)
Hello Freddie,
I don't now if you remember me.
I was the barkeeper in 'betties' by Bart in Blankenberge when you had your concerts at the white horse in the summer a couple years ago.
I am still thinking a lot of times at that beautiful time and I would love and adore to talk or see you once more if that is possible
Phone number:+32494058629
Skype live:maxtach
I am waiting to hear from you and Hellen with patience
Wish you all the best and hope to see you soon
Best regards and big kiss x
Ps I live in knokke,10miles from blankenberge
6:23pm 05-28-2015
Georgia Soares
I ran into Freddi at the bank today and told her I would get on this site and say hello! This is a great way to hear about her gigs and find out what she is doing! I am excited that I was able to talk with her today! Please tell her I was here and I said HI and "when will I see her again"? :)
8:50pm 07-16-2014
Robb Grendel
I can not wait to see you live in Wilmington in October.
4:28pm 02-28-2012
Jim Saphin
Dear Freddie,
I wanted to express my love for you here on your beautiful website. Ever since our first meeting in the UK in 2001, I knew we would remain friends. I congratulate you on achieving so many goals in your lifetime and wish you continued success together with The Three Degrees and your solo career.
I am so excited that I will be seeing you again next month here in the UK together with Valerie and Helen. You are a very special friend to many and I am so honoured to be one of them.
I love you, Jim Saphin. xoxox
12:27am 12-27-2011
Kevin Garnier
Hi, Freddie.
It was a pleasure meeting you Christmas Day. I wanted to make sure that I followed up and gave you the information on my comedy club, especially our comedy and the blues nights. Here it is: The Downtown Comedy Club
114 W. 5th Street
L.A. 90013
We would be honored to have someone like yourself grace us with your presence. Take care and God bless.

Kevin Garnier
4:42pm 10-31-2011
Robert-Allan Arno
What a lovely Fansite for a lovely artist and lady of excellence. We consider Freddie part of "The 5th Dimension Family" for her memorable work in Wild Honey as mentored by the beloved Ron Townson and are always so impressed by her continued career trajectory. Moreover, Jeffrey Graham is a wonderful publicist on behalf of Miss Pool, a consummate gentleman.

Blessings with Respect and our Love,
Robert-Allan Arno
Biographer, The original 5th Dimension
FOREVER 5th DIMENSION, The Soul of the Voice, Ltd.
4:23pm 05-19-2011
Bobby Cook
Hi Freddie. Its Bobby Cook. Your Pictures are great.
I've been trying to reach you for some time now.
I pray all is well. Im on facebook under Bobby Cook III
Your friend Bobby
5:31pm 04-18-2011
mary miller
hi Freddie, nice meeting you today. love your site.
1:04pm 03-04-2011
kate ashford
hi freddie glad i have finally found you again lol glad to see that you're working with one of my fave groups,wish i could get to one of your shows but unfortunately i can't. all the best to you my dear friend xxxx your margaret
2:34pm 02-21-2011
Ron Williams
Saw you for the first time last night in RHYL, Fabulous, a wonderfull show and only decided to attend 1 hour before 'curtain up' ! Best decision yet, Congratulations and best wishes to all involved, best show I've seen for a long time, keep it up XXXXX
4:53am 02-02-2011

Saw you at Perth, Scotland last night with the Three Degrees, you were brilliant.......stunning voice!!
Your first song you sung lead on (givin in) was made for you.
You should release a solo song with "a little Miss Dynamite" theme to it with same backing band i.e. solid 70's drum beat.
The other girls were good, too..............take care x
4:12pm 12-28-2010
Kevin Hamilton
I've been looking for a Freddie Pool fansite for years. It's nice to finally find you online. Wonderful site, Freddie! I look forward to connecting with you in 2011. We love you.

Kevin & Tanishia Hamilton
6:47pm 09-28-2010
Love this website! Freddie is the best!
8:44pm 02-14-2010
I'm loving the new pics of Freddie! She is working that blue dress and taking my breath away. Jean and Mary also look so beautiful.
3:28pm 01-22-2010
Beautiful site for such a beautiful woman. Awesome job, Jeffrey! Thank you for sharing this with me.
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